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Creative Coaching

Imagine * Explore * Express

  • 55 min
  • Online Sessions

Service Description

"Releasing the Artist Within" In the process of moving from childhood to adulthood, many of us disconnect from our creative center.  Our intuitive creative mind gives way to logical learning.  We stop nurturing and developing our artistic exploration and expression.  In doing so, we cut off our powerful intuitive ability to 'think outside of the box,' learn from our innate wisdom, and manifest our dreams into reality. Cindy Lee offers creative coaching sessions, classes, and workshops, that will help you connect with your 'inner artist'.  She will help you remove limiting beliefs that block your creativity, guide you through creative exploration, and support you in your creative process. Beneficial Outcomes: Reduction of stress and tension Increase playfulness Identify and remove limiting beliefs Ignite and nurture your creativity Building artistic skills Creative problem solving and re-image solutions

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