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Life Coaching

Clarity * Vision * Success

  • 55 min
  • Online Sessions

Service Description

"Living Life By Design" Do you have career or personal goals that are not fulfilled?  Cindy Lee offers life coaching that will help you articulate goals, overcome obstacles, and forge a clear path to success!  She aids her clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. In creating these strategies, your unique skills and gifts will be targeted. Life coaching is different than psychotherapy. Life coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals. Studies conducted by the International Coaching Federation on the effectiveness of life coaching showed 99% of the people they interviewed saw their experiences working with a life coach as rewarding, while 96% stated they would do it again. Coaching session will always be tailored to your needs and so will naturally change over time. Your coaching sessions will gradually reveal what's holding you back in reaching your goals. Through the sessions, you will find out exactly what you need to do to get over your mental and emotional blocks. Cindy will provide insight, encouragement, accountability and support as you build the life you always dreamed of. Beneficial Outcomes: Remove Self Imposed Obstacles Build Your Confidence and Competency Ignite Your Passions Formulate a Concrete Plan to Achieve Your Goals Convert Failure to Triumph! Testimonials: "I've been fortunate enough to work with Cindy as a coach for the past few years. Cindy has helped me reach new heights in my career, improve my personal relationships, and achieve a more balanced life.  She is an expert in leadership training and time management, and has played a huge part in helping me advance my career.  I look forward to our sessions together, and always come away with specific and actionable pieces of advice.  I highly recommend Cindy to anyone who is seeking to make a change in their personal and professional life."  - Anil H. “Cindy has provided me insight into a way of being that has allowed me the opportunity to grow and flourish as a productive, and life-engaged individual. Her approach to life coaching not only encourages me to tackle and strategically work through life’s logistics, but it challenges me to accomplish the projects and tasks at hand. Working with Cindy over the last several years has truly been a life changing experience.”  - Shawn S.

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