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Cindy Lee Cassell

Heart Vision 
By Cindy Lee Cassell

"Living Life By Design"

Healed * Inspired * Evolved

Helping People Experience an Abundant Life!

Meet Cindy Lee Cassell

"Working with Cindy over the last several years has truly been a life changing experience."

               Shawn S.

Meet Cindy Lee

Therapist:  Cindy Lee is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has helped thousands of clients restore their mental health.  She obtained her master's degree in 2010 from the University of Texas at Arlington, where she graduated with highest honors.  She is a recipient of the Dean's Scholarship Award and a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society.  Cindy Lee is currently affiliated with LifeStance Health.  Prior to joining LifeStance, Cindy Lee served as Director of Operations for a Group Private Practice, and a Director of an Intensive Psychiatric Outpatient Program.  She is trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities (CBT, EMDR, and Solution Focused Therapy).  Her diverse background utilizes expressive therapies, such as, meditation, music, writing and art in her work with clients.  She takes a Mind*Body*Spirit approach as she helps clients heal and grow through the challenges of life.

Life Coach:  Cindy Lee offers life coaching that will elevate your life to the next level! Life coach is different than psychotherapy.  It focuses on setting and achieving goals.  In the process of moving through different stages of life, balancing the demands of career and family, and dealing with unexpected life events, we can be thrown off the path we once pursued.  We stopped nurturing our passions and gave up dreaming.  In doing so, we lost heart, hope and vision for our life.  Cindy Lee will help you articulate goals, overcome obstacles, and forge a clear path to success!  

Spiritual Director:  Cindy Lee is a trained Spiritual Director who will accompany you as you journey in grace, truth, and love.  She is a graduate of the Heart Paths Program, where she was trained in the Art of Spiritual Direction.   Her extensive training includes: contemplative prayer, spiritual leadership, the spiritual exercises of Ignatius, and a year of supervised practicum.  Many skills were taught, such as, listening skills, the art of asking questions, and spiritual discernment.  As a spiritual director, Cindy Lee will be a companion, on your spiritual journey, as you explore the mystery of God and come to know yourself more fully.

Creative Coach:  Cindy Lee has been painting professionally since 1993.  She has won national and international awards, and her work hangs in private collections throughout the United States.  Inspired by her father, Robert Cassell, a widely renowned illustrator, Cindy Lee was immersed in the world of art at a young age.  These childhood experiences influenced the wide range of art she now produces.  Cindy Lee offers creative coaching, classes, and workshops, that will help you connect with your 'inner artist'.  She will help you remove limiting beliefs that block your creativity, guide you through creative exploration, and support you in your creative process.


Heart Vision
Enjoying Outdoor
Relieving Anxiety, Depression & Anger

The thoughts we generate can create a heaven on earth or a prison of misery.  Learn how to elevate your thinking to elevate your life!

Increasing Coping Skills

Developing a toolbox of coping skills is vital for our growth. It builds resiliency, strength and equips us to handle life's difficult passages.

Building Confidence & Competency

As we heal our hearts, and learn to love ourselves from the

"inside out," a transformation happens.  We emerge 

empowered, self-assured, and capable !

Formulating a Concrete Plan to Achieve Your Goals

By building a solid plan for implementing our goals, we can proceed in a step wise fashion, to our new success.

Finding Your Divine Path

Our dreams and most noble desires act as a magnetic force that attracts our soul to its requested destination... the journey of sacred connection.

Igniting Your Creativity

Unleashing our creative energy  ignites our intuitive ability to 'think outside of the box', learn from our innate wisdom, and manifest our dreams into reality.

Heart Vision

Whether she is consulting with an individual or working with a group, Cindy Lee always teaches from her heart.  She encourages her clients to envision challenges as opportunities to create new and grander possibilities.  Her groundbreaking program, Heart Vision, is the cornerstone of her philosophy and instruction.  Here is a peek...

Transform Your Life With Four Basic Steps:

1)  Clearing Your Heart Space:  Ridding ourselves of limiting beliefs can set us free from negativity, self doubt, and helplessness.   Learn how to neutralize toxic beliefs and thoughts.

2) Healing Your Heart Through Nurturance:  Learning to love ourselves can be a daunting challenge.  Learn how to travel inward for rest, renewal and rediscovery.

3) Creating A Grander Vision:  Start dreaming again!  Learn how to envision a new path with imagination, innovation and inspiration.

4) Aligning With Your Soul's Request:  The light of our soul beckons us to our unique destiny.  Build a solid plan that will manifest your goals and dreams.


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